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Who doesn’t love a plate of warm biriyani with the smell of spices oozing from it? We all love it, and that’s why we bring it on to the tables for any celebration. Nothing can be more fulfilling than eating a biriyani all the while chatting with friends.

For some, biriyani is just another food. Yet for some others, biriyani IS food! For them, it symbolises everything that a food should be. So is it for us. We are a bunch of biriyani lovers who met over a biriyani feast and became instant friends, the only common interest being our immense passion for biriyanis.

We come from all different places, and we all grew up in household where the morning air is filled with the spicy flavour of our grandas’ dishes. We all have our own traditional biriyani recipes that have been passed on in the family over generations. It didn’t take us long to realize that if we could bring together the best of all those traditions, we could make something really special.

Our search for biriyani recipes went far wider than the confines of our homes, to the villages where grandmas and grandpas still cooked their biriyanis over wood stoves, where recipes where not read from blogs, but came from their memories.

There was no doubt as to what to do next when we found or true love, the supreme biriyani where all the great tastes from  all the generations merged. We just had to share it with the world.

We believe in the coming together of people, in celebrations, in parties. The very essence of our supreme biriyani is this mood of confluence, the joining of cultures and traditions. Hence our policy to deliver only party orders.

We supply party orders  starting from 1Kg to anywhere in Chennai and to anywhere within 15 Km of Kancheepuram.  Whatever be the party, be it a birthday party, a send-off,  an anniversary, the new year, any festival, or even a wedding, we will make sure that the culinary experience of your guests will be something they remember for a long time.

So what are you waiting for?

Place your order now and allow us to show you how real biriyani tastes like.



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